What is your job?

We are…

Creating websites and albums for the people we met(=JPN.CAM

Creating a place for them (=Coworking At Home

Creating their amazing names(=NAMAE.net

That’s the activities of 1LDO🙂


We have summarized the job guide on this website.



This website is like a story of our life, isn’t it?

Our History

Our History
January 28


Kazuhiko Kusayanagi started his own personal media production business “9387.com” based on his experience as an editor. The domain names support was “namae.net” and the online community support was “2525.net”.
December 4

Start 1LDO

We established 1LDO and provided customer support for a major domain acquisition agent and operation support for a real estate NPO.

October 1

Chiyoko inherits business

Consignment work is completed one after another, and Chiyoko (then a housewife) takes over the business as a traveling activist. And we proceeded with preparations for the creation of a social business.

(Articles in Japanese)

July 7


Based on the activity for about 3 years, we reconstructed 1LDO. And we practice a life that is not bound to a place.

(Articles in Japanese)



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